We've been Busy. That's a good thing.

  • david
    Clorox – David Hasselhoff – Critical Mass

    Great Vine project series we produced in LA with our friends at Critical Mass and the one and only David Hasselhoff Thanks to the amazing creative […]

  • kevin 2
    KIND Bars – Kevin Durant

    Popcorn Pictures in partnership with ROC Nation and Small Ax produced a series of videos with Kevin Durant and KIND […]

  • MC_67_2c_logo_Reco
    Molson Beer Recipes – Instagram

    Check out this innovative new project we just completed with the inspiring minds at Re-Think Toronto.  Instagram beer recipes.  Just […]

  • surface 2
    Microsoft Surface 2

    Popcorn Pictures worked with the creative minds at Wunderman/Blast Radius to develop a series of spots for the Microsoft Surface […]

  • when-i-grow-up
    When I Grow Up – BBDO

    Ve’ahavta is a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization, motivated by the Jewish value of Tzedakah (Justice), that assists the needy at […]

  • photo-2
    Patch Town – The Feature

    Patch Town, inspired by the award-winning short film of the same name.  After years in a loving home, Jon, a toy, […]

  • sisters-e1362343279629
    The Spirit Game

    CCandCo’s new Bravo Fact! production The Spirit Game.  In the mid-nineteenth century, three sisters astonished the world with their ability […]

  • screenshot_01
    Nike Training Program 1.3

    CCandCo teams up with the amazing crew over at Blast Radius to produce another program in the The Nike Training.ca […]

  • Whiskas
    Whiskas (Award-Winning) – Temptations – KittyCat Hijack

    CCandCo worked with the amazing team over at Proximity to create this unique online tool that takes over your Facebook […]

  • whiskas
    Whiskas – Slow Motion Cat

    CCandCo produced a series of video of cats at their most primal and instinctual. WATCH NOW!

  • screenshot_03
    Pedigree Small Dog – Interactive

    An interactive experience comparing small dogs and their larger K9 friends.  WATCH NOW!

  • PaulaFriends
    Kraft Real Woman of Philidelphia

    CCandCo produced the online series for Kraft/Blast Radius. WATCH NOW!  Originally launched as a video competition with Paula Deen and […]

  • bank_of_america_atm_poster
    Bank of America – Americas Cheer – OMA Award

    CCandCO produced a series of videos on the Hometown Hopefuls.  WATCH NOW.  The integrated program, America’s Cheer, let fans cheer […]

  • screenshot_06
    Nike – Forget Everything – CMA Award

    CCandCo produced the award winning video.  WATCH NOW! Forget everything you know about 2008 Number 1 Draft Pick Steven Stamkos. […]

  • view-1
    Because I’m Girl – Platform

    CCandCo developed Plan International’s new Because I am a Girl social media platform.  VISIT WEBSITE Plan International’s Because I am […]

  • Oxfam_Logo
    Oxfam – Trailwalker

    CCandCo developed new social media platform and donation tool for Oxfam Canada.  VISIT NOW! Since 1981, Oxfam Trailwalker has evolved […]

  • MV5BMTUxMjgwMDg3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTg2OTgxNw@@._V1_SY317_CR15,0,214,317_
    Artist: Unknown

    CCandCo has just wrapped on their new film.  WATCH TRAILER 1918. Artist Tom Thomson is dead, lost to a mysterious […]

  • Patch-Town
    Patch Town

    Winner of 2011 Best Shorts Festival and Official selection of TIFF.  PATCH TOWN, told as a Russian fable is a […]

  • TSO Music Director Peter Oundjian conducts the TSOs 90th Season Opening Weekend Sept 22 & 24, credit John Loper copy
    TSO 90th Season

    CCandCo has produced a series of concerts, interviews and promotional material through out their 90 Season.  Including Backstage – with […]

  • screenshot_01
    NIKE – The Program 1.0

    CCandCo produced a series of 96 In Season Training Videos.  WATCH NOW! Developed by big league veteran Gary Roberts and […]

  • plan
    Plan International – PSA

    Gifts of Hope PSA for Plan International

  • cause
    Plan Canada – What’s your Cause?

    What’s your Cause – A series of 15 videos which outline the causes which are most important to youth. WATCH […]

  • Nokia-Logo
    Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Tutorial

    A series of tutorials highlighting how to use a mobile phone to express yourself and tell mobile stories.  Watch Now!

  • 606px-Bravo!_Canada.svg
    Quest For Excellence – Bravo

    No matter what defines us as similar or different, many of us search for a sense of belonging.  Kevin Connolly […]

  • img08
    My Own Revolution – CBC – WSFF Selection

    Ukraine’s Orange Revolution captured the world attention with it’s unforgetable fight for democratic rule.  Follow a Ukrainian Canadian women election […]

  • view
    Forgotten Children

    Exploring the impact of domestic child slavery in Haiti through the eyes of a Canadian UN peace keeper, pop singer […]

  • 6a00d83452517869e201156fd21698970b-450wi
    Oasis of Hope

    Tells the story of young girls in Bukina Faso, West Africa who escape from their villages and forced marriage to […]

  • whiskas
    Whiskas Factory Plant

    Take a tour of the Whiskas Plant in Bolton Ontario.  Meet the employees and those that inspire Whiskas to maintain […]

  • whiskas
    Whiskas Cat Nutrition

    Find out everything you need to know to keep your cat healthy and nourished.

  • Nike - The Program
    The Program

    The Program was created by 21-year hockey veteran Gary Roberts and Canada’s top hockey trainer Matt Nichol. It’s a 12-week, leave-it-all-on-the-ice commitment to […]

  • nike
    Nike – The Program 2.0 In Season Training

    CCandCo produced a series of 30 In Season Training Videos.  WATCH NOW! Developed by big league veteran Gary Roberts and […]